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Having been passionate about prop making for many years, Christopher tailored himself from a young age to develop existing and new skills in order to reach his goal of opening a prop making workshop. He now works as a full time self employed Prop maker with a fantastic realiable team of people to call on whenever needed. 


Over the years he and the team have developed a wonderful range of skills, such as sculpting, casting, model making, problem solving and general all round workshop skills. We are always very keen to face new challenges and learn as many new processes and techniques as possible in all areas of the industry. He will always put in the research needed to get each and every job done just to the level it deserves. 

Christopher and the team work in any number of areas; from film and TV, theatre, museums and private display commissions, we take an enormous amount of pride and satisfaction in everything we do.


Generalist work




Resin 3D printing

3D Scanning

Filament 3D printing

Mould making

Foam carving


Wood working

Wood turning 

Machine lathe work



Taskmaster TV Show 

Large scale prop to be unveiled upon release

Airing 2023- Avalon Entertainment 

Reference- Alex Horne, Andrew Dames, Andy Devonshire

The Lion King- Londons West End production

-Regular contract on rope skirts on behalf of Charles Hanrahan Costumes ltd

- Large scale dancers foam costume pieces 

Eton Natural History Museum

- Two bespoke full size Cane Toad display models 


Sky TV- Fantasy Football League

- Woman's Euros inspired football trophy 

Apple TV

- Work on Steven Spielberg's 'Band of Brothers' follow up 'Masters of the Air' 


CPL Productions

- Full Scale England football coach 'Gareth Southgate' statue to be used in a comedy TV pilot

Russian Ice Stars- Cirque De Glace


 - Volcano measuring 6m/4m along with aluminium frame to be used as a stage piece in the ice skating performance  

Spur Creative

- In house work 

Ralph Lauren 

Goat Simulator

Goodwood Revival


- Large scale UFO


- Work on WW2 veterans Spitfire film project

Chichester Festival Theatre 

- Work on production of 'The Wind in the Willows'

Glass Of Bubbly 

- Classic Movie prop display replicas, Ghostbusters trap and pedal

- Large scale OSB  turned cork trophy 

- Champagne turned and sculpted hardwood trophy

- Bespoke 'Glass of Bubbly Awards' Trophies 

'Ordinary Adventures' youtube channel

- Full size 'Star Wars' Salacious Crumb model private commision

PMW Communications

-  Charity mammoth display piece 

- Construction and restoration of three cast iron benches in company colours

- Construction/restoration and parts fabrication of two vintage street lamps 

- Two large wooden cake stands 

Cuckfield Museum

- Large scale Dinosaur landscape diorama of the cretaceous era in the UK

Breakspeare Park- Gym and Shopping centre 

- Large Scale fake weights

- Giant recycled Christmas advent calendar

Project Dance- Growing Pains

- Cafe bar set peice 

Scorch Comics 

- Prop shop display and rental

Cranleigh Magazine 

- Fabrication of two wooden owl book ends

- Three prop making magazine articles 

De Dion-Bouton Replacement Vintage Car Parts

- Moulding and casting of numerous high finish insulator parts 

Mark Antony Carpentry 

- Workshop assistance work  



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