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Media Appearances 

'Ordinary Adventures' YouTube' channel 
I had the pleasure of working with the well know Anaheim California based youtube channel 'Ordinary Adventures' in a fantastic build project that was to make a full size 'Salacious Crumb'. They love all things Star Wars, so it was crucial to get this job done just right.  After sending this large scale model over seas, they kindly made a video about it that was massive success and was seen by over 32 thousand people. The video is linked below, they discuss this and a few other examples of my work.
-Christopher Sutton- Salacious Crumb Prop
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Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 21.51.33.png
Cranleigh Magazine
I appeared on three consecutive editions in the Cranleigh Magazine where I was asked to discuss my prop making. I wrote the first two articles in the ' artists corner'  column about my working experiences and processes involved. For the third Christmas edition I was kindly asked to headline the paper for the 'people profile' section that I was interviewed for. More recently I was also asked recently to write another two articles, one discussing the design and build process of the Cretaceous landscape Diorama I made for Cuckfield Museum and the other about what it truly means to be a prop maker. These articles can be found below.
- October - The Magic of Props, By Christopher Sutton 
- November - A Deep Sea Dive, By Christopher Sutton 
- December - People Profile, Christopher Sutton Prop Maker
- March 2021-Creating the Cretaceous, by Christopher Sutton
-May 2021- The Wonderful World of Props
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Cuckfield Museum 
was asked by Cuckfield Museum to put together a large scale model for them to be placed inside a heavy dusty display case. I was asked to make a model representation of how the local area may have looked in the late Cretaceous era. To do this the justice it deserved and accuracy I was tasked with heavily researching the topic and ensuring that no detail was out of place. 
- Mid Sussex Times- Cuckfields' New diorama by Christopher Sutton, Prop maker
- Museum Website- New dinosaur display by Christopher Sutton
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Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 21.19.39.png
MarketMe TV 
Recently I was asked by MarketMe to build a a replica of an iconic ghost trap from the classic original Ghostbusters movie. This was along with the  pedal which had opening and closing doors and working wheels for added authenticity.  An online article and video review can be found below.
- Christopher Suttons Ghostbusters trap article 
- YouTube ghost Trap review- Christopher Sutton 
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