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Project | Nautilus Diving Helmet 

This deep sea diving helmet was designed and made to be based off of Jules Verne's novel 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea'. The build consisted of numerous processes including wood turning, foam patterning and laser cutting. The helmet is largely made out of fibreglass to ensure it is strong and durable. We now proudly display an illustration of this build as the company logo.

Project | Taskmaster- Pineapple  

We were commissioned by the popular Chanel 4 show 'Taskmaster' to construct a large scale pineapple prop that along with having a metallic finish, should also float comfortably on one side in water without spinning, all whilst being soft enough to take regular impacts from over ambitious contestants throwing heavy objects.

Project | Wreath Countdown- Park Life 

We were asked by Breakspear Parks 'Park Life' to construct this large scale wreath using as many recycled/ environmentally friendly materials as possible as a part of a countdown to Christmas event. The framework of the build consisted largely of wood and was covered in natural fabrics, along with an assortment of fabric leaves and foliage.  

Project | Volcano- Cirque De Glace

I was  approached by the world travelling ice skating show to design and construct a 4m tall Volcano that measured an enormous 6m across the base. The 'drill' sides were stitched together and secured to a substantial aluminium frame. During the show the entire apparatus was designed to come apart in seconds, essentially like a quick change act in front of the audience. The aluminium frame was designed to be dismantled for safe travels around the world. 

Project | Weight Bar- Park Life Fitness

The brief for this project was to create a very large 'fake' weight bar that would be used by the public as a photo opportunity at the new 'Park Life Fitness Centre'. The weights themselves were constructed using various density foams that were treated to remain strong enough to take regular impacts from the public and yet still very light and completely safe. 

Project | Euros Trophy- Fantasy Football League 

We were asked by Sky TV to build a full size representation of the International Women's Eros trophy for the returning revamped series 'Fantasy Football League' starring Matt Lucas and Elis James. We were asked that rather that to construct a replica, this should be representative and reminiscent of the original piece whilst having its own original style. The prop has been seen in sketches and on regular display in the studio set. 

Project | Logos Through Time- PMW 

We regularly work with the Creative Marketing Agency PMW Communications. On this occasion we were asked to create large scale 3D depictions of their changing company through time. These were to be displayed in a newly refurbished area of their workplace and double as a backdrop for video conferences. 

Project | Cretaceous Dinosaur landscape Diorama
This project was commissioned by Cuckfield museum to be placed in one of their large display cases. The exhibit was intended to capture the imagination of children and show how the UK would have looked in this period in history. For this we researched and curated the exhibit in order to make the landscape and creatures totally accurate for the time. We used elements of foam carving for the rockery and clear resin to simulate water along with airbrushing and 3D printing.   

Project | Gareth Southgate Statue

We were commissioned buy a well known TV production company to make a full size statue of the England football coach 'Gareth Southgate', to appear in a comedy TV show pilot staring some big names in the industry, he was also to be holing a trophy. The build involved a detailed head sculpt along with a full body life cast. The final piece was made mostly in fibreglass. 

Project | The Lion King

We are very proud to say that some of our most regular returning projects are for the worldwide production circuit of 'The Lion King'. For this we regually make various items such as rope skirts and costume shaping pods. This work is on behalf of Charles Hanrahan Costumes Ltd and Jane Grimshaw Costumes Ltd.  

Project | Recycled Advent Calendar- Park Life 

We were asked by PMW Communications to create this large scale advent calendar out of purely recyclable materials to be displayed at Breakspear Business Park. Designing this display to be made almost entirely out of eco friendly materials was extremely rewarding and we are very proud of what we were able to achieve within this breif. The layers were designed to dismantle and easily reassemble for future use and transport.  

Project | Chichester Festival Theatre

We are very proud to have worked with the world famous 'Chichester Theatre' on a number of occasions and across many different productions, examples of these would productions of 'The Wind in The Willows' and 'The Jungle Book'. We have had a great working relationship and been able to produce a very wide range of exciting pieces, both in house and in our own workshop. 

Project | Trophies- Glass Of Bubbly Awards  

We have been working with the renowned 'Glass Of Bubbly' ​for a number of years designing and making bespoke wooden trophies for their clients. Each piece is completely handmade and are then shipped to their proud winners in every corner of the globe.   

Project | Sonic Screwdriver Replicas 

Using a combination of machining on metal lathes and milling we have built a number of replicas of our personal favourite TV props in the workshop. Some examples of these would be replicas of both Tom Baker and Paul Mcgann's 'Sonic Screwdrivers' from Doctor Who.  

Project | Egyptian Poly Sculpt 

Made for a popular escape room, we designed and poly-carved numerous peices to be displayed within an ancient Egyptian themed space. These were carved with a mixture of knives and hot wires, scrimmed and coated in layers of filler compound to add strength and provide a good base for finishing paint effects.

Project | Ghostbusters Proton Packs 

Along with a small group of students from Northbrook College we were asked to build five 'Ghostbusters Proton Packs' for 'Gobsmack Comics' in Horsham. The task was to build five screen acurate Proton Packs with working lights. We were heavily involved throughout the project in research, component manufacture, silicone moulding and finishing details. The main shells of the packs were cast in fibreglass.

Project | Original Design Sonic Screwdriver 

We designed and made this original Sonic screwdriver in order to demonstrate the concept of an original design in-house. Processes such as milling and turning on the metal lathe were used, along with electronic elements. Other materials such as clear resins and acrylic turning blanks were also used to bring this unique concept to life. 

Project | Don Quixote Stage Props 

We were involved in making stage props for the Brighton Fringe Festival performance of Don Quixote. The design style was all cardboard themed, this presented many problems in terms of structure which we managed to overcome. We created a transforming creature/lamp post, operated from the base with an articulating neck, moving ears and opening mouth.

Project | Eton Natural History Museum Cane Toads 

We were approached by Eton Natural History Museum to make two full size Cane toad models. These were meant to show the public the true enormous size of these creatures. These were sculpted and moulded it in plaster, then cast it in latex and finished with multitude paint techniques. One toad was also fixed to a rock which was made from foam and then scrimmed for durability.

Project | Island At The Top Of The World Airship

We were asked to construct this scale model airship as an exact replica from the 1974 Disney film. We used a combination of foam and resin in order to create the main structure. The hardest work was in analysing extensive reference material and making a detailed custom 3D model of the carriage section, that even extended to the inside areas that are very hard to see in the model. We went on to 3D resin print these parts in resin. 

Project | Natural History Museum- Blue Whale Skeleton

For this project we were asked to make a scale model of the stunning blue whale centrepiece from London's Natural History Museum. Every single one of the 365 bones was sculpted by hand in order to ensure every detail and shape was just right.

Project | Science Fiction Vehicle Model  

We designed and build this model at a 1:24 scale for an authors novel concept image. This was a very precise and exacting project for us and we were very proud of the final aesthetic that we designed and modelled. We used a mixture of styrene and 3D printing to create the majority of the structure.  

Project | Star Wars-Salacious Crumb  

We were asked to make this full size model by the well know YouTube channel 'Ordinary Adventures'. They are based in Anaheim California and love all things Star Wars, so it was crucial to get this one just right. We sculpted this with a sturdy armature and moulded it in plaster. It was then cast it in latex and finished with numerous paint techniques. We then hair punched felting fibres. 

Project | JAWS Orca Model 

We made this model at a 1:65 scale. After spending hours looking through all of the reference material we could find on the original boat seen on screen, We replicated almost every detail seen in the film. This being one of our all time favourite films it was very important to get every detail just right. 

Project | The Africa- Model Ship 

The majority of the ship was made from wood with some sculpted and cast parts to give a very high level of detail on a small scale. We wanted to include as much detail as possible which lead to accurate rigging to secure the sails and a number of minute details such as miniature lifeboats secured on hoists in a realistically functioning position.

Project | Enormous Cork Trophy

We were asked by 'Glass of Bubbly' to create this massive trophy for a prestigious champagne awards. To replicate the look of cork we had the idea of laminating numerous layers of OSB and turning them on the lathe. To give the text a rustic and handmade look we burned it by hand using a pyrography tool. This trophy was built to be very durable and should have a very long life travelling the world over many years. 

Project | Phantom Of The Opera Mask Replicas  

Through life casting and a series of processes we were asked to sculpt several masks onto a hard face cast. We then went one to cast these in resin and finished them with relevant paint finishes inspired by screen used versions to help with the production concept. 

Project | Ghostbusters Trap 

Also as a part of the Ghostbuster project with Northbrook College for Gobsmack Comics, We took on the task of creating a working replica of the famous ghost trap and pedal as seen in the first film. To make it as screen accurate as possible, We used some 3D printed parts combined with styrene and MDF components.

Project | Earth's First Settlers  

We were asked to put together an exhibition with Northbrook college at Colonnade House in Worthing. The exhibition played with the idea of how history is told, by creating a fictional history of Alien interaction on Earth, presented as fact. We made several resin and fibreglass fossils, some of which could be felt by the public, other objects include a 1:100 scale model of an Alien settlement and various other objects.

Project | Robin The Muppet Replica 

We were asked to make this replica of the classic Muppet character. We used entirely authentic techniques and processes in order to reach the final outcome, using a combination of fleece and foam so that he can be puppeteered and used as a display piece, whilst being mounted to hold his shape. 

Project | Star Wars Yoda Replica  

We made this scale replica of Yoda display piece in-house. It involved a large amount of reaserch into the iconic character in order to ensure a high level of accuracy and material use. The organic elements were sculpted in WED clay, cast part plaster moulds along with foam latex and finished with airbrushing techniques etc. We also worked with a number of screen accurate fabrics.  

Project | Owl Book Ends 

We took on this project as a commission for the local company, Cranleigh Magazine. These Owl book ends were designed and made in an art deco style and made to function as part of a display in-house. We used a variety of hardwoods along with some ply that represented the pages of a book. 

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